The Singin' Kid
Season 3, Episode 2b
The Singing Kid Title Card
Air date April 2, 2000
Directed by Jeff Buckland
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The Singin' Kid is the second story from the second episode of Season 3 and the 80th story overall of PB&J Otter. In this story, The gang have a singing contest at the local fair. Jelly sings her song, and wins. For winning, her song would be the highlight preformance on the final day of the fair. She then begins to think of herself as a big star, so she practices her song constantly. But when the day comes, she loses her voice. Only Butter (the leader of The Funky Band) and her friends know how to make her show a smash.


  • The Biggest Little Thing
  • Talkin' Bout Hoohaw Lake
  • From Our Heart (Solo version by Jelly Otter at the beginning, then the Lake Hoohaw Funky Singers version at the end with Jelly's solo part in the middle)


  • This is the only story to have Flick say "Tough crowd!", appearing twice.
  • This is one of the stories to have Jelly sing a solo, sing soprano, and also singing a soprano note towards the end of "From Our Heart (Solo version)".
  • The episode title and a portion of the plot are a reference to the 1936 film The Singing Kid.
  • After this episode, Butter retires from being leader of The Funky Band