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Scootch Raccoon
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Wanda Raccoon (mother)
Walter Raccoon (father)
Pinch Raccoon (older sister)
Ricky (older cousin)

Voiced by

Cody Pennes

Scootch Raccoon is the younger brother of Pinch Raccoon and the son of Wanda Raccoon and Walter Raccoon. He‘s rambunctious and bursting with energy and is often seen running towards people or things yelling "Yahhhh!!!" When Scootch is around, things often tend to get knocked over or broken. Scootch, however, is never intentionally mean, he simply has trouble containing his energy due to his young age. After knocking something or someone over, Scootch will always apologize with the phrase "Sorry, sorry, my fault." In "Strike Up the Band", he says this: "Well, What do you know? Not my fault!". However, his sister uses his catchphrase ("Sorry, sorry. My fault") in the episode Mayor Flick when she sneezes (before crying about her recipe being ruined after Scootch spilled her pepper). Scootch really enjoys playing with blocks, something which he can knock over and then build again. At times, Scootch has shown that he can control himself and not cause any trouble. Scootch and Baby Butter often play together. Scootch makes cameo appearances in some episodes.

Like Baby Butter, Scootch's vocabulary is very limited. Though Scootch has proven to speak somewhat more fluently than Butter, he rarely says much more than his catchphrase and almost always speaks in sentence fragments. He does have some knowledge of manners, such as when he says "thanks" after being given a toy firetruck as a prize.

His voice was provided by Cody Pennes, who also voiced Pinch Raccoon.

"Sorry. Sorry. My fault." - List of things Scootch has Destroyed or Run Into

  • Munchy's stick tower (Bye, Bye PB&J)
  • Pinch's clubhouse (You Can't Come In)
  • PB&J's "soup" for Opal (Mama For a Day)
  • A pepper shaker, causing Pinch to sneeze like crazy (Mayor Flick)
  • PB&J's wooden sandbox, getting sand all over them (Invitation to the Snooties)
  • PB&J's "shady" tent (Too Hot for Fishsicles)
  • The many "cosmetics" of Pinch's (The Silent Treatment)
  • A plate of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that Flick was trying to sell (Strike Up the Band)
  • The instruments PB&J were planning to use for their band "The Sandwich" (Strike Up the Band)
  • A stack of milk bottles at a carnival (World's Strongest Otter) [though he says "Sorry. Sorry. My fault," it was a game and he actually wins a toy firetruck]
  • A snow covered tree (The Ice Moose)
  • His building-blocks collection
  • The mayor, holding a cream pie (Easy As Pie)
  • Flick, dressed up as the Ice Moose (The Ice Moose)
  • PB&J's Snowman (The Ice Moose)
  • Lemonade Stand (Lemon-itis)

AFN Description

Unfortunately, Pinch has to contend with Scootch, her disaster of a two-year-old little brother. Scootch is like a pre-school wrecking ball. The other kids dread to see him coming because they know whatever they are building or making, blundering Scootch will inevitably demolish it in his eagerness to join in. Scootch is a good kid, he just can't help himself.


  • Scootch's character was inspired by the rhino in the 1980 film, The Gods Must Be Crazy, as well as Jim Jinkins' then 18-month-old child.[1]
  • He is the only raccoon who doesn't have a pointed nose.


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