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Peanut Otter
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Opal (mother)
Ernest (father)
Jelly (sister and best friend)
Baby Butter (sister)
Aunt Nanner (aunt)
Redolfo (uncle)

Voiced by

Adam Rose

Peanut Otter is the 8-year old brother of Jelly and Butter, and the oldest of the Otter kids. He is also one of the main protagonists of the series along with his sisters. Peanut is best friends with Munchy Beaver and Flick Duck, and he's also a fan of the Mallard Man comic books. Peаnut doesn't like to dance, especially the "Noodle Dance" but he does it anyway.


Peanut is a red otter who wears white socks and brown loafers. Like Butter, his belly button reveals on his body throughout the series.

Peanut and Jelly (Relationship)

Peanut and Jelly are often seen helping each other out. In "Lost and Found," Jelly helps out Peanut when he's afraid to go down a slide at a fair by telling him to think of going down the slide they have in their room. In "The Silent Treatment," Peanut helps Jelly resolve her argument with Pinch by suggesting that she do the Noodle Dance. In "Hope Castle," Peanut tells Jelly that while their sandcastle may be gone, she still has him and their friends. Jelly thanks him and hugs Peanut.


Peanut and Jelly do sometimes hug in some episodes in each season when they wanted to comfort each other. They did not hug in season 1. In season 2, "Mayor Flick" was the first episode when Peanut and Jelly hugged. The first double length episode when they hugged was "Follow Your Nose." Jelly hugged Peanut because she was reunited with everyone else. The last time they hug is in the episode "Hope Castle," during the song "Nothing Lasts Forever."

Voice acting

Peanut Otter was voiced by Adam Rose in all three seasons


"I'll noodle, but I won't dance." is the actual quote. Variants are like : "...for Flick's sake, but NO DANCING...", "Dancing makes my feet too excited. I'll just noodle.", for instance.