Munchy Beaver
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Betty Lou (mother)

Voiced by

Chris Phillips

Munchy Beaver is a character on PB&J Otter. He is known in particular for two things-- his semi-obsession with wood and his nervous behavior, often lacking self-confidence. This shy, bashful nature sometimes makes him a target for teasing from Flick, though Flick rarely means to actually be cruel to Munchy.

Munchy lives alone at home with his mother, Betty Lou Beaver. The name of Munchy's father is unknown. He possibly works somewhere far away from Lake Hoohaw, as Munchy indicated in "Collector's Edition" that his father sent him a shark tooth. In "Munchy's Sinking Feeling," Munchy stated after his boat was wrecked that his dad chewed it for him and he's had it since he was born. Sometimes, his friends call him "Munch". Munchy idolizes Bucky Spacebeaver, a fictional hero that he sometimes reads about in comics.

Notable Munchy Moments

  • In "The Dollhouse," Munchy ate Pinch's dollhouse by mistake. He doesn't know how to tell her until PB&J help him.
  • In "Be Nice to Beavers," Munchy has a bad day and thinks that his friends are picking on him.
  • In "A Frog Named Measles," Munchy was just getting over a bad case of the measles. When Peanut and Jelly gave him a frog they named Measles, he mistakenly came to believe that they wanted to infect him with the measles.
  • Munchy learns that it's okay to cry if you're really upset about something in "Munchy's Sinking Feeling."
  • In "Whistling Up the Wrong Munchy," Munchy's friends hear him whistling a merry tune and decide to stage a concert with him as the star. They don't realize that what he likes best is whistling by himself without anyone listening.
  • "Leave it to Munchy" sees Munchy so upset that he decides to stop talking. Then, he has a dream sequence in which he becomes a hero.
  • In "Munchy's No Big Deal," Munchy talks in his sleep during a sleepover. He becomes so embarrassed by it that he decides to avoid future sleepovers, until his friends are able to convince him that it's "No Big Deal."
  • In "Big Beaver Day," Munchy has a special birthday, "Big Beaver Day." He is assigned more grown-up responsibilities, but has trouble fulfilling them at first.