Note: The only song titles that are official are those of songs found on the Playhouse Disney, Vol. 1 (which are marked with "*"). Or the Playhouse Disney, Vol. 2 album release (which are marked with "**"). All other song titles are extrapolated from lyrics. Excepting the episodes A Sledding We Will Go and Dare Duck , each episode features at least one song.

Below is a list of every song featured in the show in order of appearance.

Season 1

0a - Oodelay-O (Theme Song)*
0b - Noodle Dance*
1a - Bye Bye, PB&J
1b - Pickin' Babbleberries
2a - Secret Hidden Treasure
3a - Squeezin' and a-Wheezin'
3b - Come On In
4a - Close Your Eyes
4a - Gorila Go Away
4b - Get Those Bubbles
5a - Jumpy's Song
5a - Fiddlin' Fun
5b - What You Need
6a - Put On Your Best Face
6b - Good Clean Fun
7a - The Best Party Ever
7b - Just Not Cool/Just So Hot
8a - Blowing Bubbles
8b - Poppity, Poppity, Pop
9a - Jump Down on the Truth
9b - Hooray For Captain Peanut
10a - Everybody Wants to Be a Soap Box Racer
10b - Look at Me
10b - On the Shores of Lake Hoohaw
11a - Otters Three
11b - Gizmotronictron 2000
11b - Shipshape
12b - Otters in the Wild
13a - Catch a Bunch of Bass
13b - We Hope You Enjoyed the Show

Season 2

14a - Do the Waddle
14a - P-O-O-D-L-E=
14a - Nearly Dancing
14b - Close Your Eyes
14b - Jelly's Birthday Song
15a - Who Needs Toys?
15b - Whammy Clammy (no instrumental during credits due to Who needs toys extension)
16a - Glasses Boy
16b - Down in Old Hoohaw
17a - Happy Mama's Day
17b - I'm So Strong
18a - Come Back
18b - Hoohaw
19a - Anything Can Happen
19b - Finders Keepers
20a - Scrub-a Dub-a
20b - El Dorado
21a - Everybody Wins
21b - Fishy Wishy Night Night
21b - Woof, Woof, Woof
21b - Fishy Wishy Woof Woof
22a - Save Our Tree
22b - John Jacob Jingle Otter Breath
23a - Bubble-O Popple-O*
23b - Super Socks
23b - Welcome to Our Toys
23b - Puppets' Song
23b - Welcome to Our Fun
24a - It Works Both Ways
24b - When I'm in My Shoes
25a - We're Only Just Kids
25b - Gotta Find Our Friend
26a - Practice Makes Perfect
26b - Sisters and Brothers
27a - At the Fair
27b - Sherlock Otters
28a - Who's Your Buddy?
28b - Let the Fun Begin
29a - We Want Something Different
29b - I'm Flying
30 - An Oodely Doodely Day**
30 - Follow Your Nose
31 - Hoohaw Hoo
31 - Practice Makes Perfect
32a - Bankie
32b - Zip, Zap, Zoop
33a - The Tickling Song
33b - We'll Find the Treasure
34a - There Aren't Any Monsters
34b - My Mirror
35a - Life is a Song
35b - Til You're Better Again
36a - Catching Lightning Bugs
36b - Watching Lightning Bugs
37a - At the Otter Cafe
37b - Thanks to Peanut Otter
38a - Slow and Steady Wins the Race
38b - Friends*
39a - We're On Our Own
39b - Go Slow, You Know*

Season 3

40a - One, Two, Three
40b - Givin' Dad a Hand
41a - Friends and Neighbors
41b - The Biggest Little Thing
41b - Talkin' Bout Hoohaw Lake
41b - From Our Heart
42a - The Legend of Johnny Pompalope
42b - Teamwork
43a - When Are We Gonna Get There?
43b - Laugh it Out
44a - Worth the Wait
44b - Imaginings**
45a - Munchy is Whistling
45b - Big Bad Billy the Duck
45b - Good Old Billy the Duck
46a - It's a Partner Ship
46b - Speak Your Feelings Out
47a - What Makes You Shine
47b - The Come Back Mama Song
48a - I Love My Life
48b - Everything in its Place
49a - Play Hard, Play Fair, Play Together, Have Fun
49b - That's the Way to See the Great Outdoors
50a - Gotta Keep Thinkin', Gotta Keep Hopin'
50b - A Simple Hat
51a - Theme of Sergeant Gravel
51a - I Love a Good Book
51b - Coo Coo
51b - Oodelee, Oodelay
52a - A Watchbird is Watching
52b - My Official Soccer Team Hat
53a - Friends, Friends, Friends
53b - Pickin' Babbleberries
54a - Collecting
54b - Bedtime Button
54b - Trading Places
55a - It's No Big Deal**
55b - Little Friend
56a - Our New Old Friend
56b - A Little TLC
57 - We'll Laugh Together
57 - Gonna Make Those Melons Grow
58 - Make it Last
58 - Try, Try Again
58 - All Together We Can Build It**
58 - Hope Will Carry Us Through
59a - Before You Go
59b - We Always Win
60a - All By Myself
60b - We're Best Friends
61a - Redolfo, Redolfo
61b - Wedding in Hoohaw
61b - PB&J's Wedding Song
62a - A Big Beaver Now
62b - Don't Judge a Book By its Cover
63a - You Just Can't Hide Your Heart
63b - New Friends, Life's Sweet Surprise
64 - It's Gonna Be Great
64 - No Place We'd Rather Be
64 - Country Style Noodle Dance
65 - Halloween, Halloween
65 - Making Fun

Music from many songs was used as background music in most episodes.