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Goodbye Lake Hoohaw
Season 3, Episode 25
Goodbye Lake Hoohaw.jpg
Air date September 10, 2000
Written by Reed Shelly
Directed by Jeff Buckland
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Opal and the New Otter
A Hoohaw Halloween

Goodbye Lake Hoohaw is the 25th episode of Season 3 and the 122nd story overall of PB&J Otter.


Mr. Bigdog is planning to tear down Lake Hoohaw!


Nothing to Do on Lake Hoohaw

PB&J are at the beach near Lake Hoohaw where they try to think of something to do. But they just simply can't find anything to do at all due to the fact that they already did these activities, and that's when they start singing a song about it. It's Gonna be Great Not much longer after they finish singing a song about it do they find something interesting. The Snooties are giving them stuff. But why? It is explained that Mr. Bigdog is planning to turn Lake Hoohaw into a resort place, and everyone is guarenteed to have a mansion and just about all the luxuries anyone could dream of. Edouard explains this by singing a song. Before the Snooties and Mr. Bigdog are finished with their presentation, they tell everyone to let them know what they'd like in the new and improved Lake Hoohaw. Now, everyone is so excited that they can't stop thinking about this new change.

The First Noodle Dance

The kids are at PB&J's sandbox, thinking about how awesome it is going to be in the new Lake Hoohaw. They decide to do a Noodle Dance to come up with what kinds of things that they'd want to have. Peanut ignores the dance. Jelly wants a huge curlicue waterslide that goes into the lake, Munchy wants a big telescope and several video cameras in the Cranes' treehouse, and Peanut wants a rocket ship for everyone to go to outer space on their next vacation. Everyone tells Mr. Bigdog what they want. But it all turns out that Lake Hoohaw will have to be drained. The machine to drain the lake appears as Mr. Bigdog says, "It's time to say goodbye to old Lake Hoohaw." The screen fades ending the half...

The Second Noodle Dance

The kids do the Noodle Dance to come up with an idea for how they will convince Mr. Bigdog to keep Lake Hoohaw. They eventually come up with the idea to show him through song. Mr. Bigdog is hesitant to have them sing, but Peanut assures him that it's not a long song.

No Place We'd Rather Be

As they sing, many clips from past episodes are shown. They use things like the beach and watching the clouds go by to show Mr. Bigdog why Lake Hoohaw can't go. Now, even the adults and Ootsie and Bootsie join in with the rest of the kids and more and more wonderful aspects of Lake Hoohaw are shown to Mr. Bigdog. Opal shares Babbleberry Cookies with Mr. Bigdog, and Mayor Jeff gives him a glass of Pompalope Juice.

The Third Noodle Dance

Butter jumps into Mr. Bigdog's lap. He finally decides that Lake Hoohaw should be left the way it is and joins in with everybody as they do a country style Noodle Dance.

The Lake Stays

Everything goes back to normal. Mr. Bigdog has a little fun with the kids before the episode ends. He finishes off the episode by saying that there really is no place better than Lake Hoohaw. The family explains that they should have Babbleberry Pie as a treat. Then leaves the dock back to the houseboat as the PB&J Otter theme song plays.



  • Although this episode is the series finale in both production order and series continuity, A Hoohaw Halloween premiered after this episode due to the Halloween season coming later in the year.


Executive Producers - Jim Jinkins

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