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The melons are fully grown.

A giggle melon is a special type of fruit found in the world of PB&J Otter. Giggle melons grow in nature only on Howdydo Island, which has a very tropical climate with plenty of heat and rain. Giggle melons taste delicious. In fact, they're so delicious that anyone who tastes one can't help but giggle, thus their name.

A single giggle melon plant holds a large number of giggle melons. If given the proper water and sunlight, it will grow to a large size and sprout many melons. It takes time to grow and will wilt if not given the proper care. Giggle melon plants must also be protected from hungry caterpillars, who will happily eat them if given the chance. Giggle melons grow from a single large seed that can be found inside each melon. Giggle melon plants also sprout a single tall purple flower.

The Snooties, Ootsie and Bootsie were the first of the kids on Lake Hoohaw to taste giggle melon, as it was acquired for them by their rich parents. The next was Jelly, who had some brought as a gift to her from Howdydo Island by Aunt Nanner. She enjoyed it so much that she wanted to share it with all her friends, but all she had left was a seed. She decided to plant that seed, even though just about everyone told her that it had no chance of growing.