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Chris Phillips

Ernest Otter is the husband of Opal Otter and the father of Peanut, Jelly and Butter. He met Opal when he moved to Lake Hoohaw from the city. At first, Opal was apprehensive to give him a chance, but the two soon fell in love. While Ernest can sometimes be a little goofy, PB&J still look up to him as a good father.

Businesses or Jobs

Ernest owns and maintains his own general store boat called "Dad's General Store." He has sold a number of things there, from Peanut's shoes to Pompaloafers. Ernest also was the coach for The Awesome Otters and Daring Duck Team in "Win, Win, Winner."

AFN Description

PB&J love their dad, hard-working, sweet-natured Ernest Otter, who runs his floating Dad's General Store as a one-otter operation, serving customers all around Lake Hoohaw. Every day he gets up at first light to made his daily rounds of the lake, selling groceries and goods. He will answer emergency calls, too, like rushing to make a plumbing repair for a neighbor in need. Ernest enjoys nothing more than spending time with his family and playing his heirloom bagpipes.


  • He can play bagpipes.
  • Like his wife and his daughter Butter, he has dots for eyes.