This article is an episode list for the Playhouse Disney animated television series, PB&J Otter. The series began its run on March 15, 1998 with the episode 'Bye, Bye PB&J', and finished on October 15, 2000 with the episode 'A Hoohaw Halloween'. The series ran for 3 seasons, with a total of 65 episodes altogether.

Episodes typically consist of two 11 minute stories, though there are a few episodes that are double-length such as The Ice Moose.

Episode List

Season 1: 1998

Title card # Title Airdate
BBPB&J Title Card
"Bye, Bye PB&J" March 15, 1998
PB&J are worried that they might have to leave Lake Hoohaw.
BD Title Card
"Babbleberry Day" March 15, 1998
PB&J pick babbleberries for Opal's batch of Babbleberry Turnovers.
TTOHR Title Card
"The Treasure of Hoohaw Rock" March 21, 1998
Mayor Jeff takes PB&J on a treasure hunt to find treasure he buried near Hoohaw Rock as a kid.
ASWWG Title Card
"A Sledding We Will Go" March 21, 1998
On a snowy day, PB&J try to find a sled when they realize they don't have one.
BB Title Card
"Bagpipe Blues" March 22, 1998
Peanut takes Ernest's bagpipes without permission and accidentally drops them in the lake.
YCCI Title Card
"You Can't Come In" March 22, 1998
The kids can't agree on what kind of clubhouse to make, so they each make their own.
GAG Title Card
"Go Away, Gorilla" March 28, 1998
PB&J believe there is a gorilla hiding in their room.
MFAD Title Card
"Mama for a Day" March 28, 1998
PB&J help out with the chores when Opal is sick with a cold.
BTC Title Card
"Born to Chirp" March 29, 1998
Jelly finds a grasshopper while playing in the yard.
MM Title Card
"Mega Melon" March 29, 1998
PB&J watch over Mayor Jeff's pompalope melon patch.
The Silent Treatment english title card
"The Silent Treatment" April 4, 1998
Jelly and Pinch get into a big argument and refuse to talk to each other ever again.
PP Title Card
"Picture Perfect" April 4, 1998
Peanut and Jelly try to keep Butter nice and clean for the family portrait.
ITTS Title Card
"Invitation to the Snooties" April 5, 1998
PB&J feel left out when they believe they weren't invited to the Snooties party.
THFF Title Card
"Too Hot for Fishcicles" April 5, 1998
PB&J and their friends try to keep cool during a massive heatwave.
OITW Title Card
"Otter in the Water" April 12, 1998
The Otter family helps Jelly overcome her fear of the water.
APO Title Card
"All Popped Out" April 12, 1998
Ernest gives PB&J a popcorn popping machine for his storeboat.
NBTT Title Card
"Nothin' but the Tooth" April 19, 1998
PB&J plan to trick the tooth fairy so they can buy Opal a birthday present.
SD Title Card
"Special Delivery" April 19, 1998
Peanut sends away for a Super Spy Ring from the back of a Frosted Flounder Flakes cereal box.
SBDD Title Card
"Soap Box Derby Day" April 26, 1998
While getting ready for an upcoming soap box derby, an intense rivalry develops between Peanut and Jelly.
HHD Title Card
"Howdy Hoohaw Day" April 26, 1998
When Peanut is chosen for the lead role in the Founder's Day Pageant, he suffers from severe stage fright.
BTB Title Card
"Butter the Balloonatic" May 3, 1998
Butter's favorite toy, a red balloon, mysteriously vanishes.
GR Title Card
"Gizmotronictron Raffle" May 3, 1998
Mayor Jeff holds a raffle for a machine that will take care of all household chores.
DD Title Card
"Dare Duck" May 10, 1998
Flick dares Peanut to go along with him to a dangerous cave.
OOTW Title Card
"Otters of the Wild" May 10, 1998
The Otters prepare for a camping trip in the wild.
BTBOC Title Card
"Big Time Bass-Off Contest" May 17, 1998
A fishing contest is held on the lake.
TSB Title Card
"The Sleeping Beagle" May 17, 1998
A rainy day washes out the family's plans to go see "The Sleeping Beagle", so PB&J stage their own performance of the story.

Season 2: 1999-2000

Title card # Title Airdate
GD title card
"Gotta Dance" May 1, 1999
A dance contest is held on Lake Hoohaw.
OP title card
"Otter Pox" May 1, 1999
Jelly gets Otter Pox on her birthday.
"The Dollhouse" May 2, 1999
Munchy accidentally eats Pinch's favorite dollhouse.
TTTCW title card
"The Tell-Tale Candy Wrapper" May 2, 1999
Flick secretly eats all of PB&J's candy, only to face unbearable guilt.
ES title card
"Eye Spy" May 16, 1999
Flick is self conscious of his new reading glasses.
HH title card
"Happy Harmony" May 16, 1999
When Peanut and Jelly can't agree to low five or high five, Mayor Jeff tells a story about a similar argument.
SUTB Title card
"Strike Up the Band" June 6, 1999
PB&J put on a Mother's Day show for all the moms on Lake Hoohaw.
WSO title card
"World's Strongest Otter" June 6, 1999
Peanut wishes to be strong like the body builders on TV.
CBLM title card
"Come Back, Little Monster" June 13, 1999
Jelly thinks she sees a monster in the lake.
TBS title card
"The Big Sweep" June 13, 1999
Peanut searches high and low for his special marble, Big Blue.
BTA title card
"Butter Tags Along" June 27, 1999
Butter secretly joins Peanut, Munchy, and Flick on a "trip around the world."
FBF title card2
"Flick's Big Find" June 27, 1999
Flick finds one of Ootsie and Bootsie's toys on the ground and wants to keep it for himself.
Tub O' Butteruse
"Tub O' Butter" July 18, 1999
Peanut and Jelly try to get Butter to take her bath before bedtime.
El Dorado Seat of Golduse
"El Dorado, Seat of Gold" July 18, 1999
PB&J borrow the main attraction of Mayor Jeff's toilet seat exhibit.
Mayor Flickuse
"Mayor Flick" July 18, 1999
Flick is elected Kid Mayor for the day.
The Greatest Sleepover Everuse
"The Greatest Sleepover Ever" July 18, 1999
Ootsie and Bootsie sleep over with PB&J for the night.
SOOT Title Card
"Save Oaky Oak Tree" July 18, 1999
The kids try to stop Ootsie and Bootsie from cutting down Oaky Oak Tree.
TDWCW Title Card
"The Duck Who Cried Wolf" July 18, 1999
On a camping trip, Flick tries to convince PB&J that a bear is coming.
PB title card
"Poor Bubbles" July 18, 1999
PB&J are worried when Bubbles isn't acting like himself.
PP title card
"Poodle Power" July 18, 1999
PB&J are over at The Snootie's during a blackout.
Forgive Me Not
"Forgive Me Not" August 22, 1999
Pinch accidentally rips Jelly's prized rodeo cape.
These Shoes Are Made for Walking
"These Shoes are Made for Walking" August 22, 1999
Trying to be cool like Ootsie and Bootsie, Peanut gets a pair of airplane shoes.
MP title card
"Mama Peanut" August 29, 1999
A baby turtle follows Peanut around, thinking he's its mommy.
BBB title card
"Bye-Bye Bubbles" August 29, 1999
Bubbles is missing, and PB&J are determined to find him.
PMP Title card
"Practice Makes Perfect" August 30, 1999
Peanut wants to learn to ride a bike, despite being made fun of by his friends.
TAC Title card
"Three's a Crowd" August 30, 1999
When Opal babysits for the Muskrat twins, PB&J feel like they're getting all the attention.
Lost and Found
"Lost and Found" September 11, 1999
Peanut and Jelly get lost at the Snootie Fair.
Sherlock Otter
"Sherlock Otter" September 11, 1999
When several items disappear around the Otter Household, the Sherlock Otters are on the case!
IBYBF title card
"I'll be Your Best Friend" September 25, 1999
Flick and Munchy compete to see who is Peanut's best friend.
OA title card
"Otterly Alone" September 25, 1999
Mayor Jeff babysits PB&J when Opal has to run errands.
LI title card
"Lemon-itis" September 26, 1999
PB&J open up a lemonade stand.
DA title card
"Duckbird Alert" September 26, 1999
Flick is depressed when he believes he'll never be able to fly.
"Follow Your Nose" November 23, 1999
PB&J and Flick meet a family of moles who, despite their differences, become good friends.
"The Ice Moose" December 6, 1999
It's the season of Hoohaw Hoo in Lake Hoohaw, but Flick isn't getting into the spirit.
BBB Title card
"Baby Butter's Bankie" December 19, 1999
The Otters find Butters old blanket in the basement and recall how it got there in the first place.
"Three Super Otters" December 19, 1999
PB&J become the Three Super Otters and Munchy becomes the Amazing Super Beaver.
BFCU title card
"Butter's First Checkup" January 1, 2000
Peanut and Jelly try to help Butter overcome her fear of the dentist on her first checkup.
TLOPDL title card
"The Legend of Ponce de L'Otter" January 1, 2000
PB&J search for a lost telescope.
"Gotcha!" January 2, 2000
After watching a scary movie, Flick decides to scare his friends.
TMM title card
"The Mysterious Mirror" January 2, 2000
Jelly finds a mirror on the beach and thinks it's lucky.
ATGIH title card
"A Tree Grows in Hoohaw" January 22, 2000
PB&J try to nurse an old tree back to health.
FBF title card
"Flick's Big Fakeout" January 22, 2000
Jealous of the attention Pinch is getting, Flick fakes an injury.
TLLOM title card
"This Little Light of Mine" January 30, 2000
Peanut and Jelly capture a lightning bug. Feeling sorry for it, Butter lets it go.
LMNH title card
"Look Ma, No Hands" January 30, 2000
The Snooties are having a dinner party and the kids must learn special Poodle Manners.
CO title card
"Chez Otter" February 4, 2000
PB&J set up a special anniversary dinner for Opal and Ernest.
"Hooray for Peanut" February 4, 2000
Butter saves Wanda from crashing her boat into the dock, and Peanut is mistakenly given credit.
TGWR Title card
"The Great Water Race" February 6, 2000
Flick challenges Peanut and Jelly to a water race to see who is the fastest.
BNTB title card
"Be Nice to Beavers" February 6, 2000
Munchy is having a bad day and believes everybody is picking on him.
KC title card
"Kid Court" March 1, 2000
PB&J can't agree on what TV show to watch, so Judge Pinch comes to help resolve the argument.
Pbj afrognamedmeasles
"A Frog Named Measles" March 1, 2000
Munchy is shocked when he believes PB&J want to infect him with measles.


Season 3: 2000

Title card # Title Airdate
No Hands, No Feet, No Wings
"No Hands, No Feet, No Wings" March 26, 2000
Mayor Jeff gives the kids a game to play that involves both thinking and teamwork.
Let's Help Dad
"Let's Help Dad" March 26, 2000
PB&J help Ernest out at the store boat.
The Funky Band Title Card
"The Funky Band" April 2, 2000
Ootsie and Bootsie are jealous of the kids playing with PB&J, so they lure them to play with them instead.
The Singing Kid Title Card
"The Singin' Kid" April 2, 2000
After winning a singing contest, Jelly develops a pop star alter ego.
Title Display - The Johnny Pompalope Story
"The Johnny Pompalope Story" April 9, 2000
When Aunt Nanner can't finish her story of Johnny Pompalope, the kids make up their own ending.
Title Display - The Soapbox Boat Race
"The Soapbox Boat Race" April 9, 2000
PB&J build a soap box boat for the big race.
Title Display - Aunt Nanner's Special Place
"Aunt Nanner's Special Place" April 16, 2000
Aunt Nanner takes the kids on a trip to her childhood swimming hole.
Munchy's Sinking Feeling
"Munchy's Sinking Feeling" April 16, 2000
Munchy becomes upset when Walter Raccoon accidentally shipwrecks his toy boat.
The Mystery Crate
"The Mystery Crate" April 23, 2000
Aunt Nanner sends PB&J a gigantic package, but they have to wait until she arrives to open it.
It's a Bird It's a Plane It's an Elephant
"It's a Bird, It's a Plane...It's an Elephant?" April 23, 2000
A hot-air balloon accidentally gets stuck in a tree near Lake Hoohaw.
Whistling up the Wrong Munchy
"Whistling Up the Wrong Munchy" April 30, 2000
After they discover Munchy whistling fantastically in the woods, his friends pressure him to perform a whistling concert.
Title Display - Billy the Duck
"Billy the Duck" April 30, 2000
Flicks cousin, Billy, visits Lake Hoohaw.
Opal's Magic Mud Party
"Opal's Magic Mud Party" May 13, 2000
PB&J help their mom prepare a batch of Lake Hoohaw Beauty Mud.
Leave It To Munchy
"Leave it to Munchy" May 13, 2000
Munchy worries about saying something silly, so he decides to stop talking entirely.
Title Display - Peanut Overboard
"Peanut Overboard" May 14, 2000
Peanut builds a toy sailboat out of popsicle sticks.
Title Display - Come Back, Mama
"Come Back, Mama" May 14, 2000
Butter is worried that Opal might leave again when she returns from a week long trip.
Hoohaw is Where the Heart Is
"Hoohaw is Where the Heart Is" May 21, 2000
PB&J think life on Lake Hoohaw may be too dull for Aunt Nanner when she tells them about her adventures around the world.
Everything In Its Place
"Everything in its Place" May 21, 2000
PB&J must clean up their messy room in order to find their life jackets.
On The Right Track
"On the Right Track" May 28, 2000
Jelly breaks her leg falling from the slide on the day that the Lake Hoohaw Junior Track Games are held.
Itchy Situation
"Itchy Situation" May 28, 2000
The Otters and the Snooties use their different methods to hike up to the top of Mount Hoohaw.
The Big Surprise
"The Big Surprise" June 4, 2000
Mayor Jeff asks Woodrow Woodchuck to build a 12-inch statue of Captain Gaspacho. But he accidentally makes it the wrong size.
Bazania Mania
"Bazania Mania" June 4, 2000
PB&J accidentally sell a rare Bazania flower to the Snooties.
Sergeant Gravel To The Rescue
"Sergeant Gravel to the Rescue" June 11, 2000
Peanut loses a library book on the day it is due.
"Sleepyhead" June 11, 2000
Pinch and her friends try to think of a way to help her father sleep.
Title Display - Watchbird Alert
"Watchbird Alert" June 18, 2000
The Otters invite the Cranes to stay at their home while theirs is being repaired.
Title Display - Flick's Hat Trick
"Flick's Hat Trick" June 18, 2000
Flick refuses to take off his new hat, but he'll have to if he wants to play in the soccer competition.
A Very Surprising Party
"A Very Surprising Party" June 25, 2000
The Poodles throw a huge party in order to impress Mr. Snootie's boss, Mr. Bigdog.
Easy Pickings
"Easy Pickings" June 25, 2000
The Otter and Snootie kids open up a babbleberry stand.
Collector's Edition
"Collector's Edition" July 2, 2000
Flick shows his Mallard Man #1 Comic Book to everyone.
Trading Places
"Trading Places" July 2, 2000
The Otters take care of Snootie Mansion while they're on vacation.
Munchy's No Big Deal
"Munchy's No Big Deal" July 9, 2000
When the kids attend a sleepover, they discover Munchy talks in his sleep.
Bubbles' Beginnings
"Bubbles' Beginnings" July 9, 2000
PB&J tell Munchy about the time they got Bubbles.
Soccer Surprise
"Soccer Surprise" July 16, 2000
Mayor Jeff's friend Otto the Bear stays with the Otters when there's no room for him on Mayor Jeff's boat.
Baking Blues
"Baking Blues" July 16, 2000
PB&J add yeast to Opal's pompalope bread when shes not looking, causing disastrous results.
Thanks For The Giggle Melon
"Thanks for the Giggle Melon" July 23, 2000
Jelly is determined to grow a giggle melon in Lake Hoohaw despite that many believe it can't be done.
Title Display - Hope Castle
"Hope Castle" July 30, 2000
After Mayor Jeff shows the kids Fort Gazpacho, Jelly gets the idea that they should build their own monument.
Where Oh Where is Flick
"Where Oh Where is Flick?" August 6, 2000
Flick wanders off after staying up all night reading a comic book.
Win, Win, Winner
"Win, Win, Winner" August 6, 2000
Tired of losing games, Flick quits Peanut and Jelly's soccer team and joins a winning team.
Easy As Pie
"Easy as Pie" August 20, 2000
Flick earns a pie by helping the Snooties, And is reluctant to share it with his friends.
Pinky Pledge
"Pinky Pledge" August 20, 2000
Mr. Raccoon gets a new job in a far away lake, and it looks as though Pinch may have to move.
Peanut Cries Uncle
"Peanut Cries "Uncle"" August 25, 2000
Peanut becomes jealous when Aunt Nanner is spending all her time with her new friend Redolfo.
Nanner Says I Do
"Nanner Says "I Do"" August 25, 2000
Nanner and Redolfo plan to get married on Lake Hoohaw.
Title Display - Big Beaver Day
"Big Beaver Day" August 27, 2000
It's Munchy's Big Beaver Day, and he is given a new set of responsibilities.
Title Display - The Thing That Almost Ate Hoohaw
"The Thing That Almost Ate Hoohaw" August 27, 2000
Mayor Jeff spots a huge, serpent-like creature swimming around in Lake Hoohaw.
Ducking Out on Valentines Day title card
"Ducking Out on Valentine's Day" September 3, 2000
Flick doesn't receive a Valentine from the Snooties when everyone else does, so he swears off getting any at all.
Opal and The New Otter title card
"Opal and the New Otter" September 3, 2000
Opal tells Jelly the story of how she and Ernest met.
Goodbye Lake Hoohaw
"Goodbye Lake Hoohaw" September 24, 2000
Mr. Bigdog plans to turn Lake Hoohaw into a resort, so PB&J try to find a way to change his mind.
Title Display - A Hoohaw Halloween
"A Hoohaw Halloween" October 15, 2000
Pinch is nervous about going trick-or-treating, so Jelly agrees to accompany her.

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