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Pjddjjddjdjdjjj Pjddjjddjdjdjjj 14 March 2021

Happy early 32nd annivsary.

i would like to wish one of my favorite shows a happy early birthday, pb and j otter. i first got into the show when i was 11 in 2015. now im 16 years old and still love it. as an austistic, this is one of my specail intrests. alot of the episodes are lost media, but to me they are not lost, they are only lost in my heart.

so happy early annivesary,pb and j otter.

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Punchcar63 Punchcar63 2 July 2020

Halloween, Halloween fan made reprise

This is a fan-made reprise to the song "Halloween"

All: Halloween. Halloween

Jelly and Flick: Funniest night you've ever seen.

Peanut and Munchy: Trick or treat. That is really sweet.

All: Think of all the goodies we can eat

Jelly and Flick: Witches brooms zoom in the air.

Peanut and Munchy: Frankenstien is everywhere.

Pinch: Costumes on. Sneaking cross a lawn.

All: After that, with our treats, We'll head for home.

Peanut and Munchy: Together with our friends it's just pretend.

All: So think of all the goodies we can eat! Halloween!!

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CappyFLUDD CappyFLUDD 20 March 2020

Fanon Wiki


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Lukegregory448 Lukegregory448 15 March 2020

Today’s the 22nd Anniversary of PB&J Otter!

I can’t believe PB&J Otter has now turned 22 today. And as of now, I’ve reached up to 900 supporters on my petition. Which means I’m close to 100 supporters away to reach 1,000 supporters! If it does reach up to 1,000 supporters, I'll send the signatures and comments to The Disney companies who worked on Disney+! So Happy 22nd Anniversary to PB&J Otter! Let’s continue to not give up hope that the series will be shown in the light of day again on Disney+.

Link to the petition: http://chng.it/v8KqV2sB

Sources to some of the rare promotional images:



Rare PB&J Otter Colo…

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CappyFLUDD CappyFLUDD 14 March 2020

Petition to give Forgotten Disney (Including PB&J Otter) More Love

I'm a huge fan of Disney and I've recently became a fan of PB&J Otter. A few years ago I started a petition to give Forgotten Disney more love, so all Disney can get the love it deserves. I'm hoping this will show Bob Chapek we want Forgotten Disney, includng PB&J Otter to get more love!:


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Luciano Existe Luciano Existe 4 March 2020

Guess what

The Brazilian Portuguese dub might be found!

Back when I traveled to Los Angeles due for my dad's bunissess, I used to press the SAP when I watched Disney Junior, in the PB&J Otter's case, it was on Portuguese instead of Spanish (I don't know why), I have 2 episodes on VHS and 4 on DVD

And also, I ordered a tape of Playhouse DIsney in Latin America that contained a PB&J Otter episode, here is the tape order:

End of Little Einsteins


PB&J Otter

Rolie Polie Ollie

Imagination Movers

Start of Higglytown Heroes

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Lukegregory448 Lukegregory448 25 February 2020

Make PB&J Otter Available on Disney+

I know It's been a while. The reason I've haven't been active for a while, It's because I've been busy with other stuff and I also lost interest in the Wiki Fandom. But anyway, the show is about to hit the 22nd year anniversary and some episodes are still missing and the series is almost completely lost! That's why I've made a petition to make the show completely found again and available on Disney+. This petition has started in September of last year as "PB&J Otter Revival Project", then 2 months later in November after the release of Disney+, the petition was renamed to "Make PB&J Otter Available on Disney+" due to PB&J Otter not seemingly be available on Disney+. As of now, this popular petition has reached up to 750 supporters and it s…

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Lukegregory448 Lukegregory448 2 September 2019

PB&J Otter Revival Project

Update (10/31/19): PB&J Otter is going to return on Disney+

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What-A-Mess Fan What-A-Mess Fan 21 April 2019

Look for more episodes

Please look for more episodes. If you find any, give me the link! Also, link the episodes already found here as well.

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Bunniculafan2016 Bunniculafan2016 5 January 2019

PB와 J 오터

PB와 J 오터 (English: PB and J Otter) is the Korean dub of the PB&J Otter reboot. It airs on Nickelodeon and EBS.

  • Lee Soyeong as Peanut otter
  • Bae Jeong Mi as Jelly otter
  • Jeong Hye won as Baby Butter Otter
  • Im Eun-Jung as Opal Otter
  • Bal Il as Ernest Otter
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Bunniculafan2016 Bunniculafan2016 5 January 2019

PB&J Otter (Reboot series) voice cast

  • Samuel Faraci as Peanut otter
  • Kallan Holley as Jelly Otter
  • Tara Strong as Baby Butter Otter
  • Brain Stepanek as Ernest Otter
  • Susan Egan as Opal Otter
  • Caleel Harris as Munch Beaver
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NaturalFreshOtter00 NaturalFreshOtter00 2 October 2018

X Portrayed by PB&J Otter

Okay, to any of you guys who at least like the "X portrayed by SpongeBob/Gumball/Ed Edd n Eddy etc." memes, you know the series of images/clips from a certain series that "portray" a subject, be it movies, TV shows, games, etc.? Well, if SpongeBob can portray things, so can PB&J Otter! I decided to do some "X portrayed by PB&J Otter" memes.

More will come in the future! If you have suggestions for pics that may better represent what is portrayed, leave a comment.

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Bunniculafan2016 Bunniculafan2016 1 August 2018

Korean dub dream cast

A random idea I had in mind.

  • Peanut otter - Jeong Yeong Wung
  • Jelly otter - Jeong Hye-won
  • Baby butter otter - Kim Yeon woo
  • Munchy beaver - Kim hye sung (Bye bye PB&J Otter - Flick's big find), Lee Sun-Ho (Tub O' otter - present)
  • Opal otter - Min Jeong yeo
  • Ernest otter - Su-jin Kang

This will be updated.

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NaturalFreshOtter00 NaturalFreshOtter00 21 July 2018

Why didn't PB&J Otter receive a French dub?

To this day, I wonder why PB&J Otter wasn't dubbed in French. If anyone has a plausible reason, feel free to discuss it. Thanks.

Update: Nevermind, it actually has one titled "Les Tifoudoux", it's just that it was so obscure that no footage or screenshots of the dub have surfaced online.

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NaturalFreshOtter00 NaturalFreshOtter00 15 March 2018

20 Years

It's been 20 years since PB&J Otter first premiered on Disney Channel in America with the episode "Bye, Bye PB&J/Babbleberry Day" on this day in 1998. We shall now wish this lovely show a happy 20th anniversary!

Also, I wish that Disney Junior aired reruns of PB&J Otter in honor of this milestone, but sadly, I doubt that's gonna happen.

Nevertheless, happy 20th anniversary, PB&J Otter!

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BabyGeniusFan666 BabyGeniusFan666 1 January 2018


Peg + Cat & Ben and Holly are on Disney Junior Korea?, That Can Never Happen

Give This to Ootsie and Bootsie Snootie

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Interstate2011 Interstate2011 23 June 2016

RuDee Lipscomb

What do you say we add RuDee Lipscomb to this wiki? Of course, she didn't actually appear on the show, but she did host a "Behind the Ears" interstitial, and in it, she interacts with the three lead voice actors and tries out the part of Opal.

Proof (at least until it's deleted or whoever uploaded this is terminated or whatever): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCcyE5N30YU

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KingKool720 KingKool720 22 November 2015

Are any admins active?

I mean, I've been seeing some spammers lately, especially anonymous users.

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Youtubepooper12345 Youtubepooper12345 20 June 2014

A strange PB and J Otter dream.

This is the first dream with P B and J otter characters in about 13 years (I had it last night). Nothing inappropriate (fortunately) but it did involve some serious topics. Here's what happened: Myself, Munchy, Flick, and some of my relatives were in my late grandmother's house and were stockpiling stuff on the ground floor and attic. We were doing this because we were preparing for an impending nuclear strike and we were converting the area into a fallout shelter. I then saw that the Snooties were putting in one of those really expensive fallout shelters (looked like the one in the picture: http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/48/df/e8/48dfe8ecdcc21ab7e404fa287b082687.jpg) Anyway, they insisted that we shelter with them (it was huge and…

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Splouge Splouge 25 February 2014

We got some ACTIVE admins

Me and PB&J Fan 63 asked to become admins via adoption. And it worked. We banned the spammers. And since I'm here everyday, there will be NO SPAM EVER AGAIN! Fortunately, there are two of us. Which is good. Because I can't do this alone. It requires teamwork. Speaking of which, here's a video of my favorite song on the show. The song is called "Teamwork"

And here are some special lyrics about me and PB&JFan63's admin teamwork

You ban the spammers and I'll add more features

You protect pages and I'll keep away the creatures (referring to spammers)

You add achievements and I can help

And well work wonders on the wiki now

With a little bit of teamwork we can make this wiki great.

When we work in harmony there's nothing hard to make

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Splouge Splouge 15 February 2014

I've made a new PB&J Otter Wiki

click here to go there Hopefully, I can make it so no ip adresses will be allowed. That might reduce spam. Unfortunately, putting the pages there will be hard work

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Splouge Splouge 15 February 2014

ATTENTION: Possible admins?

Me and PB&J Fan 63 have requested to be admins via adoption on community.wikia.com. Because the day this was posted was February 14th, 2014. That makes exactly 365 days since an admin was active. A one year anniversary. A crappy anniversery to be exact. Anyway, there is a spammer. No admins means that the spammer stays. Anyway, me and PB&JFan requested to be admins. That makes only two of us, but, there were three admins originally. Who's going to be the third admin? Maybe ChrisRocks23. He's a user on a PB&J Otter forum.

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Girumon Girumon 8 February 2014

An Important Question

Hello fellow members of the PB&J Otter wiki, I have an important question to ask you today.

As you've probably noticed, this wiki hasn't had admins available to monitor it and protect it from spam for almost a year now, and efforts to contact them outside of the wiki have given no results (thanks for trying, Splouge.)

This has been especially bothersome to me, and has got me thinking, how would you guys feel if I attempted to become an admin via adoption?

I'd appreciate it if you'd leave your thoughts in the comments below on the matter. An explantion on why you think that would be appreciated, and criticism is always welcome!

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Girumon Girumon 2 February 2014

We need some ACTIVE admins

Seriously, out of all the time I've been here we've only had active admins for about 2 months, which is very disappointing. I understand that they have lives or lost interest, but unfortunatly this wiki is high in spam and it's very tedious to clean up everytime, and with no admins to ban the trolls it makes it even worse. And along with this arises the problem of people who still do care about this wiki leaving (such as myself for a few months.)

I'm sorry if I sound rude or anything but this has been bothering me for over a year now and I just had to get it off my chest somewhere.

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Splouge Splouge 10 June 2013

I got the Disney Junior summer schedule

The question is, since Stanley is now broadcasting at 6:30. And last summer, Rolie Polie Olie aired at that time. What time will Rolie Polie Olie broadcast on Disney Junior? Will it be shown at 6:30 with Stanley at 3:30, same thing they did last summer? Or will it be vise-versa? And in previous holidays PB&J Otter was not broadcast, except for Election Day. And the biggest question is.............. WHAT'S THE FREAKING DISNEY JR. SUMMER SCHEDULE?! That one I have the answer to. Read to find out.

Rolie Polie Olie isn't changed at all :O Staying at 9:30!


Yes, Flick I'm serious. And Stanley is staying at 6:30. The Koala Brothers at 6:00. Johnny and the Sprites at 4:00, Lilo & Stitch at 4:30, Jungle Cubs at 5:00, and 101 Dal…

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NaturalFreshOtter00 NaturalFreshOtter00 15 March 2013

Happy 15th Anniversary PB&J Otter!

Guess what? Today is March 15th, 2013! And you know what that means! Today is the 15th anniversary of PB&J Otter! We will wish them a happy anniversary.

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Girumon Girumon 8 February 2013

Image Trouble

For some reason, this photo will not show up when I paste it into the At the Fair article. Does anyone know why it is doing this? 

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CDCB2 CDCB2 4 February 2013

First Post

Well, not sure how much I'm going to be doing this since the main reason I'm making this first post is because I want that badge. But there's always a chance I might make more. Not too much to say, so I'll close with a fun fact.

Fun Fact: For those who don't know, I'm OtterFan25 on YouTube.

Heh, I should do this for the posts that I might make in the future.

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Girumon Girumon 4 February 2013

Moving Articles

Is there anyway too make it so only admins can move articles? If so, I believe it's a good idea so we can get people too stop moving articles that don't need too be.

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Bjbarnett2011 Bjbarnett2011 13 January 2013

New PB&J Otter kaleidoscope promo

Coming to the Disney Junior channel between shows, a new promo for PB&J Otter will be kaleidoscope-styled and will offer images and videos for each character in a kaleidoscope/mirror format and also have a indian-style kaleidoscope version of the PB&J Otter theme song along with text in the center of the screen while the kaleidoscope is playing.

Here's a rundown of a new PB&J Otter promo which will air between shows on the Disney Junior channel in early-February 2013:

1. Peanut Otter

Animation: Going up, twirls around, drops down

Video Clip: Peanut holding still

Text: Enlace auriorty...

2. Opal Otter

Animation: Twirls around in figure 8, going up, drops down

Video Clip: Opal playing catch, lost and found

Text: Let your leg down...

3. Jelly Otter


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Bjbarnett2011 Bjbarnett2011 13 January 2013

Stock art of PB&J Otter characters

So, do you want to have the stock art of the PB&J Otter characters please???

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Splouge Splouge 17 December 2012

Happy Holidays!

I just wanted to say Merry Christmas, Happy Hannakaa, Happy Kwanzaa, or if you live on Lake Hoohaw... Happy Hoohaw Hoo! And a very,very,very happy new year!

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Splouge Splouge 21 November 2012


I am so mad! Someone named PB&JOtterIsBad is on the wiki. And he has making tons of vandalism. He uploaded pictures that were inapproprite and/or didn't pertain to PB&J Otter. He called CDCB2 a ****er. Sadly, CDCB2 wrote on my talk page, "About PB&J Otter is Bad. I would ban him, however, I forgot how to ban users." That isn't exactly what he said. But right now I'm not in the mood to copy and paste sentences.

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Splouge Splouge 4 November 2012

Important News!

Oodelay, everyone, what's up. Guess what, I'm getting a Youtube account.

EDIT: I decided Youtube isn't really my thing. And, besides my 10-year old brother keeps closing my account. I don't know how he manages to figure out my password.

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Splouge Splouge 30 October 2012

PB&J Otter and the Legend of Snail Otter or Snaildarter?

Okay, we know that there was going to be a PB&J Otter movie, PB&J Otter: Legend of Snaildarter. But many people say the name is PB&J Otter: Legend of Snail Otter. I would have to say the name would be Snail Otter. Because.......

Theory #1: The legend could've been about a otter whom was also a snail, but I've never heard of a two species organism. I have heard of a two gender human.

Theory #2: It could've been an otter that walked slowly, maybe that is it.

Now if it would've been Snaildarter.

Theory #1: I don't know. Only god knows what the heck Snaildarter is... Oh and the Disney people, whom wrote the script.

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Splouge Splouge 12 October 2012

Release the show on DVD already!

Here I am protesting to get PB&J Otter released on DVD. The show returned on 9-4-2012, but still didn't get released on DVD. Which is why we're protesting! This isn't a petition. Although, we can protest for all 65 episodes to be released on DVD, with PB&J Otter Legend of Snail Otter. Let's protest! Who knows, maybe the protesting will convince Disney to release it on DVD! We'll be history! Well, we probably will be history.

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Splouge Splouge 12 October 2012

The Thing That Almost Ate Hoohaw Computer Animated?

I read that the episode "The Thing That Ate Hoohaw" was computer-animated. Is it really? I would like some pics of this, it might be obvious to others if we see some pics of the episode, The Thing That Ate Hoohaw.

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Splouge Splouge 10 October 2012

what is up with all the bugs on the wiki

Okay, the picture that I uploaded where Bootsie kisses Peanut had multiple revisions, and I did make the ones with the logos edited out, I don't know why. And the one called "Peanut loves Pinch" on my computer I renamed it to "Peanut and Pinch kiss" and then, I went on the wiki and, I saw a duplicate of it, when I saw it I thought "I hope this was not by me." And the username was Splouge! And the name of the file was the same thing I renamed it to on my computer, it's like this wiki does what I do on my computer. I have Windows XP, is that outdated, and also sometimes I use Windows CE on my computer, is that also outdated? If not, someone please fix this!

EDIT: Also, maybe there is a hijacker.

EDIT: I did put on CDCB's talk page the thing ab…

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Splouge Splouge 9 October 2012

bad words on the show

In The Duck Who Cried Wolf Flick said to PB&J "You'll never shut me up." And this isn't much of a bad word but in Three's a Crowd Opal says "I have to change a poopy diaper!"

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Splouge Splouge 9 October 2012

Episodes I would like to see

Thanks for the Giggle Melon

Flick's Big Fakeout

On the Right Track

Munchy's Sinking Feeling


The Tell-Tale Candy Wrapper

Nanner Says, 'I Do'

Butter Tags Along

Butter the Balloonatic

The Greatest Sleepover Ever

The Thing That Almost Ate Hoohaw


Mayor Flick

Bazania Mania

Big Beaver Day

Otter Pox

Gotta Dance

Opal and the New Otter

The Funky Band

Otter in the Water

All Popped Out

The Silent Treatment

Happy Harmony

I'll be Your Best Friend

Otterly Alone

A Sledding We Will Go

Look Ma, No Hands

Babbleberry Day

Come Back, Little Monster

Duckbird Alert

Ducking Out on Valentine's Day

Itchy Situation

Trading Places (because it aired on my 10th birthday.)

Collector's Edition (because it aired on my 10th birthday)

Basically, I would like to see every episode ever made.…

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Splouge Splouge 27 September 2012

very important

when i try to edit a page it says loading editor for something like 2 hours has this happened to you plz comment and plz try to fix this bug! i hate having to wait so long to edit

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Splouge Splouge 12 September 2012

my new avatar

So guys remember my Jelly inflation blog post. If you haven't read it you should read it here. Well someone named Tofer Bray uploaded a video on Youtube of that scene. So I got a screenshot of that scene and now it is my avatar.

Note to CDCB2 ignore what I put on your talk page about uploading Otter in the Water.

EDIT: It is no longer my avatar

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