"Big, Bad Billy the Duck" is a song from the PB&J Otter story "Billy the Duck." In the song, which has a hard rock edge to it, the characters Peanut, Jelly, Butter, Flick, Munchy, Pinch and Scootch sing about how they have to get out of Lake Hoohaw before Flick's cousin, Billy Duck, whom they believe to be a bully, arrives. In the song, they make duck motions such as wing-flapping. At the end, Flick says "Yuck!"

Sample Lyrics


Big, bad, Billy the Duck
When he's in town, you're outta luck
As wooly a bully as you've ever seen
He uses kids as a trampoline

The Kids:

The wind is blowing Billy this way
He's coming tomorrow, we must LEAVE today!!