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Baby Butter's Bankie
Season 2, Episode 19a
BBB Title card.jpg
Air date December 19, 1999
Written by Becky Mode
Directed by Jeff Buckland
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Baby Butter's Bankie is the first story from the 19th episode of Season 2 and the 61st story overall of PB&J Otter. In this story, Butter finds her long-lost baby blanket in the basement, and the family recalls how it was lost there in the first place. Then, it blows out the window on a windy day! PB&J go looking for it and find it. Ernest then closes the window so it doesn't blow away again. But then, something worse happens. Ernest was holding Butter's blanket and didn't realize it was caught in the window! Then, Butter pulls it, now, it is only string! Oh no! Only a noodle dance can solve this problem!



This is the first episode in which Jordan Coleman voices Peanut since episode 16, and the first episode where Damani Roberts sings for him.