PB&J Otter - Babbleberries 2

A tub of babbleberries.

A babbleberry is a type of fruit within the world of PB&J Otter. It is a small, tasty reddish-purple berry, somewhat like a dragon berry from the PBS Kids series Dragon Tales. Babbleberries grow on bushes and are generally found all over Lake Hoohaw. They blossom in the spring and are generally harvested quickly, for use in various confections. Babbleberries are used in pies, turnovers, puddings and many other tasty treats. Pinch used babbleberry face powder on one of her stuffed animals in "It's a Bird, It's a Plane...It's an Elephant?," though it is uncertain if it was actually made of babbleberries or simply the color of babbleberries.

Babbleberries have featured prominently in many episodes of the show, including, but not limited to "Babbleberry Day," "Follow Your Nose" and "Easy Pickings." They were also featured in the song "Pickin' Babbleberries," which was used in both "Babbleberry Day" and "Easy Pickings." Flick loves babbleberries and is capable of smelling a babbleberry pie from a distance, even when it's sealed in a container.